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Shannon Breanne Clauda Headshot
Shannon Breanne Clauda
Master of Fine Arts Painting
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As a contemporary portrait artist, I seek to capture the character and essence of my subjects. I attempt to enhance the viewer's interaction with the creator by reflecting on feelings and analyzing the duality that arises through the paintings' various interpretations.


My work directly responds to a self-analyzing and therapeutic conversation between myself, the subject, and the canvas. I use this artistic process as a way to evaluate and rewrite the relationships I have with these individuals, all of whom have been a large part of my life and helped shape my identity. I use these portraits to analyze the changing dynamics of these relationships through my transition into sobriety. 

What my time at KCAD meant to me

KCAD has provided me with a place to explore my artistic talents and surrounded me with a group of colleagues that balanced encouraging and challenging my work. We all showed great devotion to our crafts and education through the rollercoaster of a pandemic, zoom meetings, and flex classes that kept us on our toes. Yet we all supported and loved each other through some very adverse times and I will never forget any of you. God Bless and never stop learning.

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