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Master of Art Education
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The process of painting often begins with a hike to cultivate the creative flow and diminish the interference and distractions of my daily life. My human senses are heightened and centered. I absorb the peaceful symphony that surrounds me. I feel harmony, a sense of flow, and a connection not only to my deeper self, but also to a the awe-inspiring tapestry of nature around me. There is a shift of awareness to my intensified relationship with the natural world. 


In my intention to capture the sublime, I feel the pull of technology and social media. When I surrender to the urge to document these intimate moments with nature, I feel an internal conflict. This tension interferes with my connectedness to nature. This series of plein air studies concludes with a large painting that portrays the disruptions from technology. These disruptions are depicted as desaturated horizontal lines interwoven within peaceful moments shown through trees that are deeply rooted in the earth. 

What my time at KCAD meant to me

My time at KCAD opened doors for me to learn independently about subjects not only in painting or education, but also how to be my most authentic self. My professors and art education community have supported me as well as challenged me to creatively go outside my comfort zone. I am forever grateful for the nationally recognized art education department here at KCAD. 

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