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Megan LaZare
Master of Art Education


When we were children, we were enthralled by the novelties of nature. For instance, very young children are mesmerized by the sticky patterned strangeness of a spider web, or how the scales of pinecones follow a particular sequence. It seems a child is more easily able to see the way an artist sees—or, maybe the artist has simply been more successful in staying in touch with the perspective of a child which naturally sees the world with curiosity, wonder, and imagination.


As we age, the landscape tends to become peripheral. Instead, we are enthralled by the colorful glowing moving pictures presented by virtual realities on screens. The common contemporary person overlooks the exquisite beauty living in the small forgotten wildernesses all around us. My nature-based illustrations invite the viewer to revisit commonplace natural details which can hopefully become enchanting once again. If we learn to remember how to see the way a young child experiences nature, and thus see the way an artist sees, we can recapture an essential part of what it means to be human. We can rebuild our relationship to nature in a personal and meaningful way and ultimately, we can save the things we have an intimate connection with.

What my time at KCAD meant to me

The staff at KCAD watched me grow up and shape me in to the multi-talented and successful person I am today. The art education program in particular is exceptional. The program provided a path to a fulfilling career in art education and therefore has helped transform the lives of many students in Grand Rapids. Many of my students now want to pursue a career in art education, fine arts, or design after they graduate. I love my art teaching career and I also feel equipped as a professional artist. I cannot thank the KCAD family enough for preparing me to be both an artist and effective teacher for students. 

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