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Peyton Helsen
Excellence Award Winner
Interior Design
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Interior Design analyzes and responds innovatively to the social, physical, and psychological impacts of interior spaces.

My design philosophy is grounded in my curious nature. I strive to have a deeper understanding of those around me, and the journeys that have made each of us unique. Originality is beauty, our differences are interesting. With this in mind, I aim to push people to stand out and embrace their personality in order to create a unique design solution. I draw excitement from the fact that everyone has different preferences in design. Personally, I tend to gather inspiration from natural elements, and enjoy the contrast that can be created between rustic, historic, and contemporary elements.

What is your most memorable

experience at KCAD?

Reflecting on my time at KCAD, I would say my most memorable experiences stem from the relationships I formed with classmates. I really enjoyed the small class sizes in the Interior Design program which allowed me the opportunity to get to know a lot of my classmates and create some great friendships. From group projects, to long days and nights on campus, to mid-day coffee runs, watching each other's growth over the course of the program was so rewarding. I also really admired the KCAD faculty who continually pushed us to succeed and grow as both designers and people.

What are your most

notable accomplishments?

  • Kendall College President's List

  • Kendall College Merit Scholarship

  • Joe Withers Endowed Award

  • Steelcase NEXT Student Competition

  • IIDA Student Member | Board Member 2021

  • IIDA ThinkUp Student Design Competition 2021

  • IIDA Finish to Fashion 2019

  • NKBA Student Member

  • GRCC Women's Volleyball Team Captain

  • NJCAA Second Team Academic All-American

  • Began first full-time job as an interior designer with Rumor Design + ReDesign in Steamboat Springs, CO

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