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Jordan Thompson
Excellence Award Winner
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Illustration teaches a universal language that empowers visual thinkers to bridge cultural, social, and generational gaps.

Hello! My name is Jordan, also known as Bit-Bones in the artist cyberspace, and I'm a current Illustration senior at KCAD. I'm really focused on making bright, bold graphic work that represents someone like me who is just as bright and as bold. I work with acrylic paint and focus on fun, whimsical imagery of primarily animals and memories. I currently work in a room you could overlook as a walk-in closet in hopes of one day focusing on painting murals that span much more in size. Currently based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but my Nashville roots are always showing.

What is your most memorable

experience at KCAD?

I believe my most memorable experience at KCAD has to be when I was able to fulfill my dream of painting a mural, and it got to be for the school. I created a KCAD mural design in the summer of 2021 and was able to complete the project in early 2022. I received an overwhelming amount of support for the project from friends and the community and I feel as though every time I walk past it, I'm reminded of why I'm here and that doing this type of work for a living is possible. The mural was made to celebrate the vast assortment of creativity of all KCAD students and hopefully my mural will encourage others to push their boundaries and know that the people that can help you the most with making your dreams a reality are closer than you think.

What are your most

notable accomplishments?

  • Doing multiple mural projects for KCAD

  • Doing multiple mural projects with Lions & Rabbits

  • Storm Drain Initiate with Lions & Rabbits

  • Curating with Lions & Rabbits

  • Curated the Alluvium gallery show "On Heartache" with my club, Art Appreciation Society

  • Mural Internship with KCAD professor Devin DuMond over the summer of 2021

  • Volunteering work with The Dwelling Place and ArtPrize

  • Student guest services worker at the UICA

  • Student guest services worker with KCAD, worked closely with admissions

  • Created KCAD merchandise

  • Created prints that are sold in shopUICA

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