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Hunter_Galbraith headshot.jpg
Hunter Galbraith
Master of Architecture


Throughout my college career, both at KCAD and at FSU, I usually reached back to my past experiences when designing projects. Specifically, my time working on a steel construction crew and assembling steel-framed buildings of all size and uses has given me  hands-on experience with the behind-the-scenes tasks and pieces that come together to create a functioning building. Part of being a hands-on learner and worker is being curious about how the internal pieces of equipment and machines function together.  

This is passion I have not only for buildings and architecture, but for the automobile as well—something passed down to me by my father. In my thesis project I am looking to explore the influences of car culture on non-active spaces. Similarly, my designs add to existing cultural fabrics and work seamlessly with the existing conditions.

The "Muskegon Block House" project reflects my past experience with steel construction and my deeper  understanding of the construction process. "Eight06 Fulton" is one  
of my most complete projects, requiring the application of all of the building systems and site management. These  drawings showcase the details of the building process that may go unseen to a passerby. I chose to include the "4-star Community Art Center" because the project required me to show the importance of keeping historical buildings intact by only adding a small addition to the building.

What my time at KCAD meant to me

My time at KCAD has allowed me to explore different positions within architecture that I would have never thought of exploring on my own. Coming to KCAD I had a lot of experience form the Architecture program and FSU and everything I have learned here has just strengthened all of those concepts and ideas. From here I am going into the field, working towards completing my experience hours for NCARB and completing my ARE exams to become licensed.

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