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Hazel Lovecraft
Excellence Award Winner
Fashion Studies
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Fashion Studies sparks your career in the fashion industry while developing your own voice as a designer.

My goal is not only to design one of a kind garments but to create a magical experience that will empower the individual wearing them. For my capstone collection I took inspiration from the seven chakras, meditating on each one and documenting my experiences with journal entries. I compiled images and fabric swatches that would inspire the piece and made thumbnail sketches of my ideas. Next, I painted the Illustration of my final design with water color and created a technical flat drawing on my computer. Then I started patternmaking and prototyping, where all the problem solving happens. When my patterns are ready, I'm able to cut my final fabric and sew the garment. My brand philosophy is creating gender friendly and earth friendly fashion magic. I've developed a unisex size range describing clothes by fit instead of gender and I use fabrics that are gentle on the environment.

What is your most memorable

experience at KCAD?

Getting the opportunity to travel to Australia is an unforgettable experience I got to have thanks to KCAD. Learning about the global fashion industry outside of Michigan was super helpful for my education and experiencing a different culture and country was so inspiring.

What are your most

notable accomplishments?

  • Kendall Portfolio Scholarship

  • Kendall Art Day Competition Scholarship

  • KCAD Award of Excellence Scholarship

  • Sewing Lab Tech and Fashion Studies Social Media Manager

  • 2021 Capstone Fashion Show PR/Graphic Designer

  • Work chosen annually for Capstone Fashion Show (Freshman–Senior year)

  • Internship with Iconoclasp

  • Sewing Operator at Sports Addix

  • Sewer at Conscious Clothing

  • Work displayed in KCAD Galleries

  • Making/Meaning KCAD student video feature

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