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Boya Zhang
Excellence Award Winner
Furniture Design
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Furniture Design builds on a legacy of visionary design leadership in one of the nation’s most renowned programs.

The education at KCAD has expanded my philosophy of design beyond product. I believe designers have the responsibilities to design for the community and for those whose voices are missing and a good design is a creative solution that can make a greater and profound impact to our society. I am enthusiastic about designing solutions to cross over boundaries and reconnect people with empathy and understanding. My approach to design is to apply design thinking systematically in an interdisciplinary and collaborative way to explore human centered solutions that are accessible to all.

What is your most memorable

experience at KCAD?

Anyone I met at KCAD, whether they are students or professors or staff, has showed empathy of how hard it is for students who have families to continue their education. I would never forget those days when I had to bring to my older son to school for classes or homework feeling embarrassed in the beginning and hoping no one notice him, however my fellows and professors were very kind and offered my son toys or candies or simply a warm smile,. It is that support kept me going, through my four years at KCAD. The humanity and empathy is deeply rooted in KCAD community and I feel very proud of being one of them.

What are your most

notable accomplishments?

  • Withit Scholarship

  • 1st place winner of 2022 Bienenstock Design Competition

  • Having a second child

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