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Elizabeth Kathryn Page
Master of Fine Arts Painting
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Natural Beauty: An Appreciation of Women and Nature through an Eco-Feminist Lens is a graduate thesis exhibition by Elizabeth Kathryn Page that addresses various inequities or expectations outside of the societal limitations that have been forced upon women. It communicates the impact these limitations can have on the mentality of women and how they can distort perceptions of their own self-worth.


Topics conveyed within this exhibition include hypersexualization, natural aging, feminine body stereotypes, and unconventional appearance by using symbolistic metaphors that are meant to display an appreciation for the beauty of a woman's natural form as well as the organic world around us.

What my time at KCAD meant to me

Throughout my KCAD experience, I have grown as an artist and as a person. There is always room for improvement of course but the person and artist that I was in 2014 (when I started my undergrad) and in 2019 (when I started grad school) does not compare to the person I am now. My peers and faculty taught me so much, and I will be able to carry those life lessons into the next chapter of my life. 

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