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Drue McPherson
Excellence Award Winner
Art History
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Art History investigates creativity as a cultural and social force and influences global dialogues with critical insights. 

I often find myself pondering space; its setting, social and political contexts, and how space encompasses identity. As someone who is queer, I find both the private and public sphere a continual challenge. My writing and research practices focus largely on the in/visibility and cultural associations attached to Western constructs of identity. Connecting the past to the contemporary, I concentrate on how art and design live through experience and enable impact, both socially and culturally. By analyzing identity, including my own, I was able to reconnect with what motivates, inspires, and ultimately moves me to transform: the visuality of social influence and change through visual art and structure.

What is your most memorable

experience at KCAD?

My most memorable experience during my time at KCAD has truly been being a non-traditional student. Deciding to re-enroll at KCAD and excel in the Art History program has granted me the opportunity to view art and my surroundings through new perspectives. The knowledge gained through diversity in course offerings, critical thinking and research is invaluable. In order to cultivate a more equitable future, it is essential to understand your surroundings, both visually and culturally. Having the privilege to take several courses with Dr. Stefanie Snider, Dr. Christine Haskill, and Dr. Karen Carter have truly shaped my methods of research and writing (as well as some other quite fabulous professors).

What are your most

notable accomplishments?

During my journey at KCAD I have met a lot of really exceptional and inspiring individuals. I have had the opportunity to serve as a student representative on the Committee of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (2018-present) and President McCrackin's Equity Council (2020-present). Working full-time, owning a small business, and attending courses full-time has occasionally provided challenges, but has ultimately been one of my most notable accomplishments. I take great pride in the work that I create and have been grateful for the continued support along this journey. Winning an award as such is an incredibly humbling experience.

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