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Ashleigh Bowyer
Excellence Award Winner
Art Education
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Art Education leverages the latest pedagogical and brain research to unlock K-12 students’ intellectual potential.

Art is the purest form of expression with the absence of words; it is an outlet that cultivates personal growth and improved problem-solving skills. These two things together are crucial in our world as it is ever-changing and in need of people who are empathetic and can use unconventional, artistic techniques to create change. Individuals who partake in art have the potential to better our world and further its capacity to function in an improved fashion. As an art educator, it is my purpose to not only improve my students' artistic skills but prepare them for the outside world. After leaving my classroom, they will have a strong foundation on which to build themselves as irreplaceable participants in a global community. My role as a teacher is to produce not only artists, but problem solvers, ambassadors of kindness, and leaders.

What is your most memorable

experience at KCAD?

After pondering this question for a great length of time, I have come to the conclusion that my time spent at KCAD cannot be summed up in a single experience. My college journey can instead be illustrated through a collection of events, especially those in accordance with the art education program. Through my studies, I was given opportunities to develop a strong pedagogy, dissect a brain, teach diverse populations of students, and travel to conferences to attain knowledge and new networks. Through it all, I gained a second family, a support system of teachers and mentors. The people I have met and the memories I have made along the way are responsible for who I am as an artist and as a teacher. Even as the art education program fades, I have been empowered to continue bringing art to generations of young creatives. It is because of these memories collected from KCAD that I am inspired to change lives through the power of art education.

What are your most

notable accomplishments?


  • National Preservice Art Educator of the year

  • Western Region Preservice Art Educator of the year

  • Presenter at National Art Education conference



  • Presenter at Michigan Art Education conference

  • Kendall Art Education Student Association President

  • Michigan Art Education Memorial Scholarship recipient



  • Presenter at Michigan Art Education Conference

  • Published in ArTeacher Journal, Issue No. 84



  • Held a seat on the Michigan Art Education Association board as Student Representative

  • Kendall Art Education Student Association Vice President

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